Professional Experience:
Oct-09 to Feb-11
Freelance, Egypt and Lebanon
The jobs are:
  • Idea, design and implementation of the website “Mizaj” which is a website that enlists and promotes for non-commercial musicians in the Arab world Visit Website
  • Basel Rajoub's official website, design and implementation using Drupal Visit Website
  • Pico Energy Website, theme design and implementation using Drupal Visit Website
  • Colligent website design, and implementation Visit Website
  • Pico 4 website design, theming and part of the configuration using Drupal
  • Design and implementation of a website for women filmmakers in Iberia and the arab world Visit Website.
  • Design and implementation of a drupal based website of a former writer Latifa El Zayyat Visit Website
Feb-08 to Oct-09
OpenCraft, Egypt
The job involves:
  • Website Design: Working on design of websites and demos for presentations.
  • Theming and HTML: Working on Theming (drupal HTML, CSS,…)
  • TV experience: Working on the design and implementation of the design of an application for Web and TV.
Jan-07 to Oct-07
Mediates Agency, Egypt
The job involves:
  • Graphic Design: Working on P.O.S materials, Stationary, Booth Design, and Packaging.
  • Sales: Account executive work.
Sep-06 to Jan-07
  • Volunteer Graphic Designer for a project called “Put a Smile on Their Faces (fund raising) including: logos and identities of the project and the restaurant (Minna w Fina) included in the project; and all stationery needed for both of them.
Dec-05 to July-06
LibanLait Beirut, Lebanon
The job involves:
  • Graphic Design: Cheese campaign launching including: POS materials (brochure, poster, shelf-talker, light boxes, stand, …), Magazine Advertisement. Various internal design (event materials,…) and working on previously designed material.
  • Marketing: Attending to all sales and marketing meetings; Help in consumer service including attending to claims and reporting to the production team; General overview of marketing work.
Aug-05 to Dec-05
Aids Campaign Musical Play “INSAN” by “Creativity by ilay”, in collaboration with UN, NAP, WHO, and UN theme Group; Beirut, Lebanon
The job involves:
  • Corporate Identity for both the company and the Play, Website design and implementation, POS material.
July-04 to March-05
Enterprise Solution Providers (ESP) Beirut, Lebanon
The job involves:
  • Information Technology department: reporting to the General Manager
  • Product Specialist: including configuration, implementation and reporting errors to the product company. This job also included internal demonstrations to clients and the presentation of the product in the “Termium2004”.
Sep 2011
Oxford Brookes University \Oxford, UK
Master of Science in Digital Media Production
Course work included:

3D Modeling and Animation, Web Media, Video Production, Newsroom Operation, Professional Media Production, Research and Study Methods
Dissertation Topic: Cinematography: Long Takes divided into shots with disguised cuts.

Nov 2007
YAT Education Center \Cairo, Egypt
Diploma of Website Design
Course work included:

HTML, Dreamweaver, Photoshop/Image ready for Web, Flash, Swish Max, Introduction to Ecommerce, and a Project on an Online Magazine.
July 2005
Lebanese American University (LAU)\Beirut, Lebanon
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Course work included:

Math: Discrete Mathematics, Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Numerical Analysis.
Computer: Computer Programming, Microcomputer Organization, Data Structures and Algorithms, File Processing, Software Engineering, Logic Design of Digital
Systems, Operating Systems, Internet Programming, Database Systems, Social and
Professional Issues in Computing, Computer Networks, Senior Study (Paper on
History of Cryptography)

Extra Graphic Design Courses:

Arts:Fundamentals of Design I, Fundamentals of Design II, Drawing I, Drawing II,
Modern Art.
Graphic Design: Rendering and Studio Skills, Introduction to Computer
Graphics, Intermediate Computer Graphics, Introduction to Typography.
Photography: Photography I, Photojournalism.
Communication Arts: Introduction to Acting.

July 1999
Raffic Hariri High School (RHHS) Sidon, Lebanon
Lebanese Baccalaureate Part II (Experimental Science Emphasis)
  • Fluent in Arabic and English
  • Good in French
Computer Skills:
  • Very Good in CSS, HTML,
  • Very Good in Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.
  • Very good in CMS system Drupal (theeming and configuration).
  • Good in Flash, Java Script